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Bangornsiri. W
urgent!!!!asking for Quotation the 4-sided sealing machine (3 lanes) Model YHP-4S
Dear  Sales Department

   My name is  Bangornsiri    Wunsasueb . I was assigned by a company to provide machinery for packaging processed seaweed .I am very interested in your products. and would like to request some information about your current product price. Therefore requesting information on the operation of the 4-sided sealing machine (3 lanes)   Model  YHP-4S   Could you please give me your price list and a contact person  I can talk with?  I  hope you reply to me so when you receive this email




Contact person : Pongsutat Saewee
Contact number : +66859211812

Translator: 010-9194-2265, name is 윤하경.
  Email Translator : [email protected]

                  Best Regards,
                Bangornsiri. W

Factory Manager
limited partnership New Thai Tee Bakery 

            Tel : +66 2 1917055
        Mobile: +66 64 475 5559;
        Mobile : +66 88 643 8888
       Website :
       Email : [email protected]

 ME Dear Bangornsiri. W

Did you ever received a reply from Young Tech Pack? I have emailed them 4 times and the are not responding.

2023-09-12 오전 3:43:00
name : password :
name : password :

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