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YST-LQ-3S Auto Stick Type Liquid Packing Machine

Fixed liquid refill enables high precision and outstanding nozzle cutting removes any leaking of cavity remains enabling low contamination probability within the sealing interior

The product implemented a touch panel allowing the user to easily control the weight with a servo motor. The main and end main and end sealing consist with servo which nearly no noise and vibration and is built with precision. The supply sunitary connection utilizes a clamp which enables easy installation and detaching. The drive section is covered with a closed cover that eliminates most noises. The elegantly processed components enable high precision in operation and each section can be tuned to the fine detail.

Model YST-LQ-3S
Applications Red ginseng extract, Juice, Health food, Jelly type beverages, Other liquid, Syrup, Bever age, Cosmetics, Sauce, Various liquids
Packing Materials AL+PE, OPP+PE, NY+PE and other heat-sealable packaging material
Packing Line 2~12 Line
Capacity 250~300packs/min(on 10 lines)
Filling Capacity 0.5g~50g
Packing Type 3 Side embossing sealing
Adjustment of Print Photo electric print registration
Penumatic Power 5~6kg/cm²
Electric Power Main servo motor 3000W End sealing servo motor 750W
M/C Dimension W1,800 × L2,100 × H2,600
Weight About 1,500kg
Power Consumption 3 Phase, 220/380V/50-60Hz