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YR-600 YR-600 Auto Rotary Pouch Filling & Sealing Machine

It is a rotary type automatic large packing machine suitable for filling packing such as power, Granule, Solid, Liquid, and easy to operate for its simple structure.

Machine has the electronic control system and a color touch screen on which all information can be seen at a galance, and even a beginner can easily operate it by the controls and the graphics. It is easy to replace compnents by standardization and to clean by semi rotary type structure making detach and attach of hopper and hose possible.

Model YR-600
Applications Seasoning, Salt, All kinds of powders, Particle substances, Solid materials, Liquid, Viscous materials, Pharmaceutical product, Candy, Confectionery, Water soap, All kinds of detergents, Retort food
Packing Materials AL+PE, OPP+PE, NY+PE and other heat-sealable packaging material
Packing Line 1Line 20~50 packs/min
2Line 40~90 packs/min
M/C Dimension 1Line W2,000 × L3,000 × H2,350
2Line W2,500 × L3,000 × H2,350
Packing Size W100~200mm × H100~350mm
Filling Capacity 20g~2000g
Penumatic Power 461N l/min, 5~6kg/cm² Comp: 7.5Hp
Electric Power 3 Phase, 220/380V, 2.0kW
Weight 1Line 1,500kg / 2Line 2,500kg
Attachment Device Printer, Date Printer, First supply pump, Feeding Pump, I-Notch