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YHP-4S Horizontal 4 Side Auto Magazine Type Packing Machine (Magazine Type)

It is a horizontal four side automatic packing machine suitable for packing such as Patch, solid.

With its touch screen method, even the beginners can easily work with it. The structure of simple and stable operating devices lengthens its life and lessens breakage rate. Also, the safe cover on every part makes operation very safe, and it is easy to replace and use components by standardization.

Model YHP-4S
Applications Patch and all kinds of the solid products
Packing Materials AL+PE, OPP+PE, NY+PE and other heat-sealable packaging material
Packing Line 2 Line
Capacity 140~160packs(7pcs)
Filling Capacity (1~34)packs
Packing Type 4 Side embossing sealing
Adjustment of Print Servo system or photo electric print registration
Driving Device Servo motor 10~11 axial system
Air pressure 6kg/cm²
M/C Dimension W2,000 × L7,000 × H1,750
Weight About 2,300kg
Power Consumption 9kW/h
Air Consumption 1600ℓ/min
Voltage 220V/380V/3ph/50-60HZ