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YPD-4S Auto Powder Packing Machine

It is a 4-side sealing automatic powder packing machine suitable for packing such as powder, Granule, Sugar, Coffee, Dried soup, Ginseng tea and drug.

It is easy to operate with its touch screen so even the beginners can easily work with it. Content and speed control is possible. The safety device on it makes operating safe and users can easily replace components by standardization.

Model YPD-4S
Applications Powder, Granule, Sugar, Coffee, Ginseng tea, Drug and other powders
Packing Materials AL+PE, OPP+PE, NY+PE and other heat-sealable packaging material
Packing Line 2~6 Line
Capacity 120~160packs/min(on 4 lines)
Filling Capacity 0.4g~100g
Packing Type 4 Side embossing sealing
Adjustment of Print Servo system or photo electric print registration
Electric Power 0.75kW
Air Pressure 6kg/cm²
M/C Dimension W1,600 × L2,000 × H2,100
Weight About 1,200kg
Power Consumption 3 Phase, 220/380V/50-60Hz