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YTB-4S Auto Tablet 4 Side Packing Machine

It is a 4-side automatic refinemnet packing machine suitable for packing such as tablet, Soft capsule, Candy, Solid, and pharmacy.

Precise arrangement and speed control is possible. It is also easy and convenient to operate components by standardization and even the beginners can easily work with it.

Model YTB-4S
Applications Tablet, Capsule, Candy, All Kind of deforgets
Packing Materials AL+AL, AL+PE, Cello plain film and other sealable film
Packing Line 2-10 Line
Capacity 50rpm-100rpm (Depend on product size)
Packing Style 4 Side embossing sealing
Printing Mark Servo type phototube(Photoelectric tube) Auto servo pursuit system
Packing Size String and 4-side sealing packaging
Electric Power 220V-380V/50-60Hz/3ph
Main Moter 0.75kW
Electric Pressure 6kg/cm²
Machine Size(About) W2,150 × L2,350 × H1,600
Machine Weight About 1,500kg
Air Consumption 200ml/min