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YBD-LINE High Speed Auto Liquid Packing Machine Line

This machine is liquid broth, Sauce, Ketchup, Soy sauce, Seasoning produced by automatic packaging machine. 50 liquids and other powder products, such as intestines, to the desired quantity; It's packed in 100 units, 300 units, 500 units.

It is easy to operate even a beginner by using a touch screen. It is very effective in improving productivity and reducing costs when connecting to an automatic packaging machine. The servo-live system adjusts the speed reliably. Upgraded digital method with existing differential MOTOR system. It is easy for beginners to offer as well.

Applications 3-Side packing product
Packing Materials OPP+PE, NY+PE and other heat-sealable packaging material
Packaging Number 1 Line
Capacity Capacity 1~10pack/min
Packaging Unit 3 Unit
Sealing Method Thermal adhesion and compression and cutting
M/C Dimension W2,691 × L1,183 × H2,082
기계중량 About 1,000kg
전기소모량 5kw/h