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YST-3S SYSTEM LINE Auto Stick Type Packing System Line

It is a three-side automatic stick packing machine suitable for packing such as powder, Sugar, Coffee, Prime, powdered milk, Ginseng tea, Powdered soup.

Even beginners can easily use for its convenient design. It has safety cover for the safety of operator and dust blower to keep the product clean up easily with its open type.

Applications Powder, Granule, Sugar, Coffee, Creamer, Powdered milk, Powdered soup, Ginseng tea, Korean tea, Other powder
Packing Materials AL+PE, OPP+PE, NY+PE and other heat-sealable packaging material
Packing Line 2~12 Line
Capacity 350~400packs/min(on 10 lines) It can be changed depending on the contents.
Filling Capacity 0.5g~50g
Packing Type 3 Side embossing sealing
Adjustment of Print Photo electric print registration
Penumatic Power 5~6kg/cm²
Electric Power Main servo motor, End sealing servo motor
M/C Dimension W2,800 × L7,000 × H1,800
Weight About 2,500kg
Power Consumption 3 Phase, 220/380V/50-60Hz